Sunday, 18 October 2009

It's been a while, yep mainly because I have not been able to run due to an achilles strain on my right foot, saw a private physio for a month or so, too expensive to keep going so trying to see one through my GP. I am up an running again, managed three 20 minutes sessions this week yes a massive come down, but fingers crossed, I am doing my exercise for my achilles, and massaging everyday so I am hoping it holds together.

I've been very frustrated missed all the runs I had planned over the last few months, managed to keep the weight down massive bonus I can't lie it did go up a bit but I jumped back on board, stopped myself yamming into oblivion and started watching what I was eating again. I did not want all the hard work of the last year to go to pot which can so easily happen when you don't check yourself.

My plans now are to take it slowly, next week I will try and run 3/4 times for a least half an hour see how the achilles does and take it from there, to be honest it has been pretty scary, my leg was messed up, end of the school year I was hobbling up stairs like an old woman, not like someone who had completed the London marathon. From being able to run 5k in 26 mins, 10k in 56 and half marathon in 2 hours 15, to nothing at all was a massive come down, but achilles can be buggers and stop you running completely if they snap, so I have been very lucky it started niggling back when I was training for the marathon, held up then stopped me running together in July.

I listened to my body, that was one thing the marathon taught me and until this week did not run for almost 3 and a half months, I tell you I have wanted to curse out people I have seen running I have been so jealous. Imagine I spent one of the coldest winters 20 years running in the streets and come summer I had an injury that stopped me from running in the sun, bitter yes of course I was.

I did put in the ballot for the London Marathon 2010, but did not get a place, maybe it's for the best with the achilles only just recovering, but I have not totally ruled it out, I am sure the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign would have me again, we'll see, the commitment is momentous and obviously the toil on the body is momentous too, but I can't lie I never felt or looked fitter.

Other effects of marathon training have included black toe nails and a foot fungus, luckily my man does not have foot fetish or I would be in serious trouble.

Thats me for now, I will always sing the virtues of running, and it has been wonderful to get out and streach my legs again,I am still too scared to push myself to much, I will build up slowly see where that gets me.

Happy running.

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