Friday, 8 January 2010


Hi all, as I am sure that like me you to are struggling to deal with the cold, not great conditions for training. Personally am not a lover of the cold, hell no, cold and Kat do not mix not on the best of day’s let along when it goes on for weeks, is there no light at the end of the tunnel?

Training what training, who can run in that, I like my back and my neck and legs just as they are and plan to keep them intact, so no outdoor running for me and if I could get away with it there would be no outside walking as well, but a girl has to work.

My left leg is doing well, I have been on Rob's (my partners) exercise bike a few times, massaged and iced and low and behold, the break from running has seemed to have done it a world a good, in fact after a day or so my achilies stopped hurting and it was my calf that was really stiff and sore if it was pushed on. Rob gave me a few man-sized hands massaged, which hurt like hell but really loosened up the muscle.

So where am I now, waiting, waiting, waiting for the snow and ice to ease up, trying not to panic but the marathon is only 16 weeks away and my training has not gone off to a flying start, if this continues into next week, I will have to find a gym and use there treadmill.

I have a new training schedule, I have decided to take my running down to 3 times a week instead of 4 complimented by one boxing or spinning class, weights and yoga, this year I am determined to build on all round strength and fingers crossed that will keep me injury free. The idea to run three times a week, and cross train at least twice a week, I nicked that idea from another runner called Charlie who is also training for the marathon and also blogs, "Thanks for that Charlie, it is a great idea."

I need to really get my act together, no more injuries or interrupted training, time flies and before I know it I will be at the starting line, really need to put the work in.

The new gym I signed up for opens at the end of Jan, so a couple more weeks and I can really get my teeth stuck in, they also have a swimming pool which although I am not the greatest swimmer, and chlorine is not wonderful for my hair, I am told is great for runners, so I will be taking a cautionary dip from time to time.
That's me for now,
Over and out
happy, running and happy skiing.


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