Sunday, 31 January 2010



Yesterday saw me take my longest run to date, all the training over the week had gone well in terms of me completing what I set out to complete, I was not happy with my performance but training runs that needed to be crossed off were crossed off. I was feeling slightly apprehensive but prepared well, greased up my feel with loads of Vaseline,made sure my toenails were short, Kinseo tape was strapped around my achilles, calf guard on, tracksuit too cold for tights, I just can't do it until it gets warmer! Gels to keep me going figured we might be out for close to two hours, we I hear you say the other half was running with me. I can't lie the company is great last year he cycled this year he is running right by my side it makes a massive difference to my motivation levels.

Well only good things to report I felt great for the whole of the run, even a stitch did not slow me down, I just ignored it and carried on running, we took a tube down to North Acton Station from Northolt on the Central line, and ran along the canal back to Northolt, it was a great idea, the canal was very quiet only a few dog's and dog walkers, a few cyclist's, lots of wildlife swans, geese, herons, coots, well to be honest I probably would not of noticed much of it if it was not for the other half, he is very much into wildlife and takes pleasure it showing it all to me and naming the things he sees, I can think of worse qualities than being a wildlife geek! The weather was a challenge, yet again I was very well covered up, two tops, two jackets, it was fresh but with gloves and a wholly hat I felt pretty cosy.

Was feeling good with a few miles to go and finished strong, managed it in an hour and 46 mins, yes still very slow but I am moving and at the moment for me that is all that matters if I stay out of trouble and keep injury free in a another month or saw I will think about speed right now it's about getting in the miles.

This week has ended well, and I will try and keep positive from now on and remember this is a journey not a race, next week I will try and run four times, woke up feeling fine, everyday my achilies feels less tender,I religiously do my stretches and yesterday I stretched before and after the run, and iced it as well, and today had no problems.

Did not manage to get to the physio last week but I will next week just so that my injury is well managed,thats me for now,
so things are back on track my training is once again looking up rather than down.

Just one thing can someone turn the heat up please, it's soooo cold, I ain't evan looking for summer, spring will do.

Happy Running.

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