Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Had an appointment with the physio today,thought I'd better go see him incase my aching achiiles was about to snap, but the physio assured me that was not going to happen, basically my left calf muscle is very short and tight which is pulling on my achilles and causing the problem, so he gave me some exercises to do, told me to start skipping and I will go in once a week for a massage, not cheap £40 a pop, but you know what if it is going to keep me running it is a must.

I can keep running which is just what I wanted to hear, I just need to do the streaches he has given me five times a day. I did ask if I should train on a tredmile, but he said no as long as I do the exercises and stretch that I should be fine training on the road.

That was some good news to hear cause in-between,the snow my foot, and a cold my training has not got off to the best start I did run on Sunday with no ill effects and I will go out tomorrow morning, and run again, so marathon training is back on, I have shaken off the cold that jumped on my back last week, and the snow for now has disappeared, yaaaaah. There is still time to redeem myself and get this training back on track. Bought some compression sock things and wore those when I ran on Sunday, I don't know if they helped but since my leg has given me no problems I will keep wearing them, listen if someone told me that running with tin foil on my head would help I would do that to.

Started back watching my food this week, time to finally admit to myself that the x-mas eating needs to come to a stop, jumped on the scales I won't revel what they said but they groaned and moaned and almost gave up on me, but alas finally they weighed me and let me know that I had been very, very, bad, but back on track no time to get depressed, I am on it, just goes to show nothing is a quick fix, more like a long slow journey just like the marathon.
Yogalates video for me tonight, once sis goes to bed I'll stretch myself silly in the living room, there is not much room but enough to do what I have to do and since I am not very flexible I really do not need much space at all!

That's me done for now, back on track, the marathon is still a feasible goal,
happy running.


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