Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Got out this morning only a 3 miler but it felt good to be pounding the pavements again. My achiles held out fine, felt a bit tight but that was expected, the weather left a lot to be desired, but I didn't care that it was cold, grey and raining. Wore the compression sock thingy again, done my exercise set by the physio, rolled my calves around on the blue foam roller, and done a few stretches and sit ups.

Yesterday I managed to keep within my weight watchers points, and today I am planing to do the same, one day at a time is what I will take, time to break the bad eating habits I have picked up again.


I don't know if I have confessed that my feet have not been in a great state, after the marathon last year a few of my toes nail's started to turn black and then thicken, I can only describe them as witches toes, well anyway after some medication which lasted about 3 months my feet are looking a lot better, my big toe nail on my right foot is black, but a new one is starting to grow underneath, so hopefully that will fall off sometime in the future and leave a shiny new one in it's place, The two thickened toe nails have not got any worse. Maybe this summer I can show my feet in a nice sandals, without scaring children!
Note to other runners, make sure you take care of your feet,and if they don't look quite right make sure you see your DR.

So the rest of the week, I have another 3 miler planned and 7 miler, session on an exercise bike, weights and yogalates, determined to mix up my training this year, to gain all over body strength and conditioning, rather than concentrating only on running, fingers crossed it will pay of.

Just had a bath and my big toe nail came off and unfortunatley the new one was not shiny and new, it has only half grown back, oh well, I just have to wait patiently!

Happy Running

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