Sunday, 10 January 2010


My Yogalates DVD finally arrived yesterday and I had a go, it was called YOGALATES, FIRM, FIT AND FLEXIBLE, by Louise Solomon, got up early went down into the living room so I had time and space to myself and got on with it.

What can I say quite an experience, probably have not stretched myself as much as I did during this workout for years, probably since my dancing days, many moons ago, but I really enjoyed it. It was well presented and well explained with easier and harder versions of exercises. I have a long, long, way to go until I look as effortless, calm and serene as the women in the video, neither am I slender or long limbed but today was a start and I didn't do too bad, all limbs are still intact, spine is still aligned, and neck is still where is is suppose to be.

I shall try and use the DVD 3 times a week, at least until the gym I signed up to opens at the end of Jan, then try and fit in some classes as well, but at least I walk into the class with a little bit of knowledge rather than a complete novice struggling to keep up whilst surrounded by people who could easily pass for rubber bands.

I ain't looking to be no yoga or Pilate's zen master, nor do I want to be able to do a full frontways or even sideways split or put my leg's over my head, nah just looking to strenghten my core and be a bit more flexible, if it will help me with my running I am willing to turn myself into a human pretzel.

Below is a link to the DVD I used.

Bye for now and happy stretching.


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  1. Hey Kat,

    hahaha your blog cheers me up, so funny :o)

    Thanks re. the sleep advice def need to do the whole winding down part.

    Here's to week 2 of training, now lets just hope the snow stays away!

    Take care,