Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Ran 4 miles yesterday, always good to knock a run out on a Monday, set the week off in the correct way, ran with the other half at about 9pm, it was dark and cold, but I wrapped up warm, two running tops, one short, one long, two running jackets, and two pairs of running bottoms, well I'd rather be warm than cold. I didn't really enjoy the run, couldn't seem to get my breathing under control, my left leg felt heavy, although my achiles was fine,and I had the wickedest stitch for the last mile and a half, have not had one of those for a while. I guess every run can't be great but that four miler was harder for me than the seven miler on Saturday, lord knows why!

What left for the rest of the week well at least 2 more runs 3 if the achilies holds up, the physio reckons I'm fine to run 4 times a week, so I'm going to try it. The gym opens at the end of the week, so the other half and I will go for an induction, very much looking forward taking some classes like spinning and yoga, it will compliment the running nicely, they've even got a swimming pool and although I do not have much love for swimming, you know what I always say if it helps with my running then I'm up for it, now where did I put that swimming hat.......?

Happy Running.

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