Sunday, 24 January 2010

7 miles I made it!

Yesterday I ran 7 miles, not very far in terms of where I need to get to, but far for me, considering how badly my training had been going.

Ran with Rob my other half who is training for the READING HALF MARATHON on the 21st March, and he done really well considering he does not consider himself a runner. It was cold as always and my poor hands were frozen by the end. Today was the test though would I wake up with a messed up achiles like I did the last time I ran seven miles, well it was a little sore but after I stretched, iced and massaged it was fine, nothing to worry about, thank goodness, so training is back on track, back to the physio this week for a sports massage and more reassurance and I will continue pounding the cold streets of London, In fact pounding is exactly what I am trying not to do, lazy knees I kept saying to myself as I was running yesterday, reminding myself to keep them soft and not to drive my legs into the ground.

Still wore the calf guard and had kinseo tape on underneath that, I tell you I am a sucker for everything going that I think will help to keep me running, but if it helps who cares, in fact these things could all be placebo's,weather they work on my mind or my body as long as they work.

Meant to be doing a 3,5,3 and a seven miler this week, I will play around a bit with the programme as long as I get out a the least three times and do another long run I will be happy, ganna try an 8 miler next week.
What I need to keep in mind is how slow I was this time last year, how much the cold was getting to me and also how much my knees were playing up to, it was not plain sailing so why should this time be!

Happy running.

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