Saturday, 9 January 2010


Here I am with my VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON ACCEPTANCE MAGAZINE, came through the post this morning with a letter from Lucozade sport. welcoming me to the Lucozade sport team. It also reminded me of the dates I need to keep in my diary 27th Feb, Running seminar at St Mary's college in Twickenham, and a half marathon pace race on the 28th March and of course Marathon day 25th April, all very exciting, but I have yet to get into the swing of my training, I had a couple of yogo DVD's come through the post today, one of which I will try later on, but with the snow in full swing I do not know when I will be able to hit the pavements again!

The feeling I had today, when I opened the mail was completely different to how I felt back in November when I received the Commiserations magazine, telling me that I did not get a place. The nice thing about getting that envelope with the magazine and letter was it is the first piece of physical evidence I have recieved to prove I shall be running in the London Marathon. I have it in my hands now as you can see from the picture.

Come Monday I will have to find a local gym to get some sessions in, well the treadmill has to be better than nothing and with time beginning to fly I cannot afford to miss anymore training! I would've like to have spent the weekend holed up at my partners house as he has weights and an exercise bike, but with the bad weather, I thought it was best I stay at y house who I share with my sis, who has muscular dystrophy, with the cold weather affecting her mobility,it makes sense to stay, especially as I was not planning to drive the car, if anything went wrong, for example if she has a fall, or finds it difficult to get out of her stair lift or a chair, (which is becoming more of a regular occurrence ) I would not be able to get to her quickly and neither would any of my relatives.

I won't panic yet, but I am aware that last year I took my training very seriously and did not miss a session unless I was sick or injured, the one good thing is my left leg feels great no soreness anymore, so the rest obviously done it good. I am itching to test my leg out again and try the new three runs a week programme I have decided to do.

Oh well no sense complaining at least I am in this position a few months back there was no marathon for me, now look at me moaning cause I can't run, no pleasing some people is there.
Thats me for now, will let you know how the yogo goes,
take care.


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