Monday, 1 February 2010

3 miles

Three miles yesterday and praise be it went okay, went out at about 7:30pm and it was cold, cold, cold, so cold, but doubled up on everything and had a scarf and gloves and I felt quite toasty, achiles was fine in fact it was my left leg that felt heavy but after a while I realised it was because I had tied my shoelaces too tight and that was probably cutting off my blood supply, leg's still felt a bit stiff from the 8 miler on Saturday, but overall felt good, no stitch, no major problems like last week, looks like it's going to be a better week.

Signing up at the gym tomorrow, finally I shall enjoy exercising inside rather than out in the cold, although I'm still planing to run 4 times a week outside, I was going to take it down to three, but I'm feeling strong and with the added cross training should become stronger. I just want to ensure I do everything I can to prepare myself for the marathon.

Finally feel as if I am back on track with the training, not quite up to speed with my training plan but no rush over the next few weeks I should catch up, not sure how many miles my long run will be this weekend, 9 or 10, I'll make a decision closer to the day.

that's me done for today,

Happy Running

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