Monday, 22 February 2010


Well, I was a bit of a mess after the 12 mile run on Saturday, by the end my groin was playing up and I had a tiny bit of chaffing on my left thigh, I think tracksuits are great up to a certain amount of miles after that chafing can be a problem, not confident enough to wear running tights at the moment so next week I will put a pair of shorts on underneath. I was not in the greatest of states, the other half and I went shopping and I dropped a pound coin on the floor I had to get him to pick it up as my body was refusing to bend.

The way I was walking was not a good look, I really truly looked like a cross between John Wayne and a duck. I stretched and blue foamed rolled like a mad woman, after a good nights sleep I felt a lot better on Sunday I even jumped on the exercise bike for an hour just to loosen up my muscles,I know the other half thought I was crazy but it worked and I felt a lot better which was good cause I had two different places to get to later in the day.

The ironic thing is you train to keep fit and it ends up messing you up! Last week was a good week of training so no complaints as I accomplished all my goals, trained 5 times, 3 runs a spin class and the exericse bike session, and discovered the joys of the treadmill, today is a rest day, thought it was best I took a day off before my poor body rebels and disowns me.

This week the plan is

Tuesday: Treadmille run 5 miles and pilates class.
Wednesday: Treadmill run 5 miles ( with some interval training) and upper body weights.
Thursday:14 mile run ( on my own on the road, ganna be tough the first long run I will be doing on my own).
Friday: In the evening if I can still walk I will do a spinning class.
Saturday: Rest yaaah.
Sunday; 7 mile road run.

I am taking everything slowly a week at a time,but so far so good. If you don't push yourself you won't know what your capable of.

Happy running.

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