Thursday, 11 February 2010


Well I ran, had a bit of a mad morning, but managed to get a lift to work from a colleague so I could run back, ran by the river which was nice, if a bit fresh actually fresh is too nice a word to use it was bloody cold, and my chest was playing up a bit, can ony think it was because of the weather, bumped into my cousins husbands, who couldn't believe I was running in this kind of weather, well I couldn't believe it either but I was.

Managed to get home in one piece six miles later took a couple of two minute walking breaks and to be honest they really helped me to finish,I am on the sofa now, icing my achilies and drinking hot juice to warm myself up, this is why running enthralls me one minute I can run like the wind and the next I can hardly run at all. Fingers crosses my eight miler on Saturday will be better.

Happy running.


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