Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Sunday I was a good runner and gave back to the community. It was a hot day well hot for England, and with the weather being temperamental rainy one day and bright the next, no one has had a chance to acclimatise, it was funny being on the other side, but also nice, considering the weather.
I have yet to run a 10k race this year and to be honest they are not my favourite distance, that's a lot of hard running for a long time.

I got my fashionable Vivienne Westwood jacket and went to my spot, I would be just by the 1k mark, so would the first volunteer everyone would see, being a loud person with no shame I was more than happy to shout, encourage and motivate. I don't even need a reaction, no need to thank me, I know this shit hurts. You do the running, I'll do the talking.

Me and the other volutneers before we head out to complete our duties.

The fast runners were amazing to watch their form was very strong, they didn't even look my way, heads ups, arms and legs pumping they were on a mission, Breathing in deep heavy breaths, in, out, in, out, in, out,  I would be surprised if they paid any attention to their terrain, as far as they were concerned I was not there, in fact most of them were regulars and did not need any direction at all. I was just part of the scenery.

I learnt a lot about form and even self confidence when running,those front runners really believed in themselves, so my new mantra will be "I'm a cheetah, I'm a cheetah, yes I'm a cheetah."

These guys were the first round, a real serious bunch they were!

The slower runners were more fun, now I never once said "Almost there." Cause I hate it when anyone says that to me, but what I did say was. " Your doing well. especially as it's so hot, keep going, fantastic job."

To those who were struggling in the heat." Take your time, your doing well considering how hot it is, I ain't going anywhere, I'll be here when you come around again." The course was 3 laps, so it was great to see people more than once to which I would say "Great to see you again."

No the dog was not running in the race,I love the facial shots, makes me wonder what these guy's were thinking. "Shit when is this going to be over."Or "I hope I remembered to turn the oven off."

The slower runners were more appreciative and I even had a bit of banter with a few of them. To those who were chatting away."If you've got energy to talk, you got energy to run faster." Rude of me I know, but I said it with a smile on my face and everyone I said it too took it as a bit of good humour, (Well I haven't had any complaints).

These guys were  middle of the pack, and as you can see were working real hard in the heat, can't say I was jealous watching them, made me wonder how the hell I'd ever run a 10k in the past.

There were a couple of men pushing their kids nothing but respect to them, not sure what was up with the girl at the end, putting her finger up, well if this picture is of you, I hope your pleased with yourself! I  know what you were thinking."F**k you, get your damn camera out of my face." But you didn't have the energy to say it, hence the finger. I understand that kind of pain, I've been there where you were so  many times before, so all is forgiven.

It really was a hot day and I tried my best to encourage everyone without being annoying, a few runners stopped and walked. " You okay, yep, cool, just take your time, no rush." No one callapsed or fainted, which is what I heard happened the month before, so no mouth to mouth needed, thank goodness!

This dog ran with it's owner, by the last lap the owner was having to pull it round, as you can see its quite wet so he must've let him cool down by taking a dip in a nearby lake, poor doggie, I don't think running was it's thing."Hey Mofo, why can't I just play fetch like all the other dogs here?"

All in all it was a great day and for my efforts I get to run their 10k's in July, August and September for free, which I think is a great trade off. All in all it was a great day and a lot of fun, thanks to Rob my other half for taking the pictures much appreciated as always.

Happy running everyone.


  1. I think it was very cool of you to volunteer at a race! Great post and very nice pics.

  2. Hi Saundra, volunteering was a lot of fun, if you haven't done it before give it a go, I am sure most races offer a free race in return great way to save some money. The pics were taken by my other half, who has a new camera and is happy to snap away.

  3. I love the way you write! Cracks me up! Good for you for giving back and I like the things you said to the runners too.
    Good pics too :)

  4. Hey Angie, thanks for the compliments.

  5. LOL! You are hilarious! There are some days when I can't get by to read your blog, but I LOVE coming in here for a bit of humor whenever I can!

  6. Thanks momof3, lovely to have you pass by.