Friday, 4 June 2010


Tried out a new running outfit today ran to the bank, done some business and ran back, Lord it was hot out today, was glad I had some money in my pocket to buy a bottle of water or I think I might've been in trouble on the way back, it was about a 3 mile loop, I ran free today no garmin just me and the pavement.

First time I have run in shorts like this and to be honest although the outfit looks nice it wasn't that great, and did not  stand up to the Kat test,all I ask is my top does not roll up so I end up with a muffin top on show, and that's what happened in fact it was more of a whole cake than a muffin, so much of the run was spent faffing around and pulling it down, my belly is in no condition to be in the public domain.

The shorts bunched up in the crutch  area and even though it was a short run I had a bit of the dreaded chaffing, and, yes there is more the top dismally failed the Kat sweat test, I guess that's not really fair because all tops fail the Kat sweat test, no top could pass that, no matter how technical, no matter how much dry top weave, sweat sucking up properties, my sweat is a unique entity produced in such mass quantities only alien designed materials not created on our planet could come anywhere close to coping.

Physio on Thursday went well, I am allowed to run, the achilles is the problem but it's not a bad as it could be, no scar tissue, just soreness, and the pain is more to the side of the foot rather than the back, which again is a good sign.

I will see the phsyio once a every two weeks,  been given extra exercise to do, instructed to ice it whenever I get a chance, although I think my sis might get fed up of me using the oven chips, they just seem to work so much better than my cool pack!

No fast running allowed just a steady easy pace, hence no garmin today, I don't think the physio was too impressed with my barefoot/vibram running adventures, she said "Since we are not a tribe in Mexico there is no since trying to be one." I think she was referring to the book "BORN TO RUN." which I had stashed away in my bag like an illicit drug, well everyone's allowed their opinion.

She also said that achilles injures are notoriously tough to get rid off, but she doesn't know how much I love running and that I'll do whatever I have to to get better, bar kill. steel or maim, I'm just happy to still be running.

Happy running


  1. The shorts "bunching" is the reason I switched to a skirt all the time. It's better to have no fabric and body glide, than to try for modesty and have chaffing. Besides, I think I look better in skirts as I'm a whopping 5'2" and shorts make me somehow appear even shorter than that.

  2. Hi, I'm still trying to find what works for me in the summer months, and those shorts do not hit the mark, it's not a great look reaching down inbetween your legs every so often!

    I do like the idea of a skirt, but don't think I would feel comfortable running around my streets in a running skirt, at races yes but not on an everyday training run! I love the running site, but the skirts are way to expensive when converted into pounds so for now I will trudge on, and the more weight I lose the more comfortable I feel in leggings so I think I'll stick with those for a while. 5.2 is a cute height, growing up I always wanted to be petite, I'm 5.7 and a half, not too tall and not too small I guess.