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For all those who have been asking I promised to post some running tips, so here you go.

Running gear: you don't need anything fancy, dash on a pair of old tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and get out there.

If you don't feel confident, or don't want your neighbors to recognize you, (there's always that nosey one all up in your business) wear sunglasses. It blocks out all the people on the street, and helps you live in your own little world, just don’t wear them when it’s raining or at night time, cause ya ganna look like a weirdo!

Get a good sports bra, nothing worse then running and those babies are swinging all over the place, they will only slow you down, and it will be embarrassing if you have to hold them!

Begin slow if you have to, it doesn't matter how slow, build up your distance over time, there’s no rush. For those of you who find running a real chore, run, walk a bit, catch your breath, walk a bit, run a bit, it's a great strategy to keep you moving and before you know it you'll be back home. The fact that your moving is great, you ain't trying to me Mo Farah, your just trying to healthy.

Grab a friend and run with them. I enjoy running on my own, running is my thinking, cussing, praying, meditation time, but if company is what's ganna keep you going, then find a friend to drag along kicking and screaming. Tell them your friendship depends on their co-operation and support of you new healthy lifestyle.

Be safe: wear headphones by all means but make sure you can hear what going on around you, so don’t be turning the music up too high.

Change your route regularly so you don't get bored. I don't mind running the same route again and again, but I know that would drive some people crazy!

Mapmyrun is a great site, where you can plan your route and mileage.

Try some hills, they are great for stamina, and really make you strong.

Watch out for cars, humans don't bounce off bonnets very well.
Watch out for dog's who like to chase humans.
Watch out for pedestrians, prams and wayward children, especially if they are riding scooters!

Ignore any comments that may be thrown at you, from a passing car or an ignoramus person, do not let some ignorant arse-hole take away from the positive steps you are making. They don’t know you; you don’t know them, so lets keep it moving.

Like the trainers above, well their mine, pretty ain't they?  it took me a while to figure out what brand and type of trainer works for me, the website below has loads to choose from.If your serious about running please invest in a decent pair of trainers go to any sports shop and they will point you in the right direction. If you find a pair that you like and it’s a bit expensive, take the name down, then go find it cheaper on the Internet.

Asthmatics try to run when the traffic is not congested and try running in a park where you'll breathe more easily.  Run with your pumps, you never know when you might need them. There are some days your chest will play up and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s real important to listen to your body and pay attention to your breathing. Remember keep the music down to a minimum, Don't be frigthened to run just beacuse your asthamtic, obviuosly use your common sense, listen to your body and react according, especially if your asthama is exercise induced.

Be kind to your knees, jog on grass if you can or switch it up, try not to jog solely on concrete.If you live near a running track, make use of it.

Try not to slam into the ground as you run, think of yourself as gliding across the ground rather than slamming into it.  I'm a gazelle, I'm a gazelle. I’m a gazelle. I say though to remind myself otherwise I will rhino around the streets.

Some people are programmed to run fast some ain't, don't sweat it if you’re a slow runner like me, doesn't make you any less of a runner.  Some of us are gazelles and some are tortoises, does it bother the tortoise that he is slow, nooo so why should it bother us!

*Get a foam roller. Look it up. It's a runner’s best friend

*Hot bath with salt for achy muscles.

*Tiger balm for achy muscles.

*Kinseo tap for achy muscles or injuries that need healing. cid=3366&affid=7&gridview=1&sortby=bestsell&gclid=CLfqwdzRyr8CFSrItAod2kYAOA

*Beg your other half, your kids or a friend to rub down tired legs.

Mix it up, one of the big mistakes I have made in the past is only to run, this can cause injury, try other things as well, swimming, biking, spinning, body pump, yoga etc. It will make you an all round better and stronger runner, and develop all of your body.

Set yourself a goal, a race 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon. Whatever gives you something to work towards?

Hardest thing is getting out the door, but once that run is finished, they'll be no regrets. Especially once those happy hormones start flowing, you'll leave the house a miserable git, and return with the sunny disposition of Mary Poppins.

Some days you run and it's ganna be shit, accept it, it's like that sometimes, some days are body’s will rebel.

For runs under an hour you can manage on water, over an hour you might want start thinking about how to fuel your runs, e.g. gels, banana’s, isotonic drinks (mind the sugar).

Runners and carbs, yes been there done that, pizza, pasta, Lucozade, jelly beans, jelly babies, bagels with loads of peanut butter, no wonder my belly was escaping from my running shorts, screaming "Free me, Free me!"

Find healthy ways to fuel your runs, through complex carbs, rather than simple carbs. E.g. white bread is a simple carb, wholemeal bread a complex carb, here is a link breaking down different carbs

I myself am training for a half marathon and determined not to rely on my old staples, which done no good for my waistline.

Pay attention to injuries, have a rest from running if need be, you don't have to stop exercising, swimming,weights, kettle bells, spinning are all great options, to keep your fitness ticking over until you can hit the street again.

If you do injure yourself, get it checked out as soon as you can, in the meantime if it swells, ice and elevate and pop a couple of ibruprofen which should help with the swelling.

Keep a running journal or even just write your runs in your diary so you can keep a track of your progress and even write down how you felt, or the route you took.

Run in the rain, I promise you it's fun, it rains a lot in England, get used to it and get out that front door. I promise you will not shrivel up like the wicked witch of the West and you’ll feel like a total running badass!

If your running three times a week or more try not to do the same thing over and over again,push yourself do at least one long run each week, a medium one, and a short one where you work on speed.

The only way you can run faster, is to run faster,I do something called fartleck a fun way of gaining speed, run quickly from one object to another as fast as I can, then run slow, then run quick again, and so forth.

Happy Running.

Look below for further reading.

See you all soon Kat

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