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Here are some tips and thoughts around sugar addiction, I have been on this journey of trying to cut back on sugar since last October. I am not a DR, a nurse or expert of any kind, just a woman on a mission to clean up my health and try and sort out a few health problems. If I can use my experience to help others who are also struggling or looking for change so be it.

Like any addiction first you have to admit you have a problem, if you’re pouring sugar into your tea or coffee, if you constantly snack on cakes, sweets and chocolates, if Crunchy Nut Cornflakes or Frosties are your breakfast of choice, if all your teeth have fillings or your missing teeth, you got a problem! If you can’t get through your day without some sort of sweet crack reward you are an addict!

What kind of person are you are you, the kind who prefers to go gung ho and just give sh*t up, then do a sugar detox or do you achieve better results when you slowly wean yourself off something? have a think about what approach is ganna work best for you. 

Make up your own mind, read as much as you can,  there is so much info on the Internet about sugar and its negative effects on quite a few health conditions see if giving up sugar can make a difference to your health and your family's health. Sugar is believed to be responsible for a myriad of illnesses.

Get those around you to support you, no sense giving up sugar and the rest of your family are munching their way through sugar, sugar, sugar, that would just be damn torture. Maybe it time for the whole family to change, but since I do not want to be the cause of no marriage break ups or children
packing their bags and leaving home to live with grandma who gives them all the sugar they desire,  take it easy, break them in slowly!

Take one day at a time, if you mess up start again, and keep going until you’re on the right track. Your not a failure just because you messed up. We all struggle with sh*t, the question is you ganna give up or keep going until you get it right? I found that stepping up my game each month really helped, so once I felt confident I would be a little stricter, and each month my will power would
grow stronger.

There is no special secret formula, no Harry Potter style waving of wands,  it's an addiction so you know things are going to get ugly before they get pretty. There is a school of thought that sugar is more addictive than crack, maybe now you'll understand why will power alone is not enough. I am the biggest sugar fiend in the world, if I can turn my back on the sugary crack then so can anyone, it will take a while but you will get there, it's not a race it's a life long change, you need to develop strategies and tools which are going to help you succeed.

Break out once in a while we all need a little sugar in our lives after all and indulging ,once in a while will not harm you, it’s the every day yamming that is a problem, so treat yourself then get back on track I have found I no longer feel a need to treat myself as much after almost 9 months of reducing sugar my palate has changed and sugar is no longer a must in my life. Just be warned, some people can find breaking out sets them on a slippery slope back into the clutches of  the sugary crack, so this method may not be the best for you, it really will depend on your personality!

Sugar, sugar everywhere, if your serious about giving up the sugary crack, then you better start checking labels, cause it is in everything, yogurt, cereal etc, and even in a lot of low fat foods to make them taste palatable! Water is now my main drink, can drinks and sodas and even fruit juice are choc full of sugar.   It is even in a lot of health foods, your ganna have to decide how deep you want to
go with the whole thing and what you are willing to eliminate.

I do not tend to use any sugar substitutes, no honey, no molasses, no agave syrup, sweetener.  nothing, It is all sugar at the end of the day and I am really trying to curb my sweet tooth. I started this new lifestyle on advice of a homoeopath and he advised me to knock all forms of sugar on the head. Yes I did cry when I left his office at the thought of giving up the sweet crack, but almost 9 months down the line, I am no longer crying but benefiting from my decision. Please keep in mind my decision was based on improving my health and I have had dramatic results, this is why I am so strict and passionate about trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, but it is not for everyone, nor does everyone need to do it, our bodies all react diffrently to different things, maybe sugar is my kryptonite.

Keep trying, even when you f**k up and have a massive sugar blow out, keep trying, and one day you will be able to walk away from that donuts, you will be able to put down that packet of chocolate biscuits after only 1 or 2, rather than yamming off the whole packet or maybe you won’t even have one! One day you will be able to turn around to the office baker/feeder and decline her Tupperware
box heavy with treats as she pushes them under your nose, trying to tempt you with her delicious muffins, homemade cupcakes with orgasmic peaks of buttercream icing or her delectable carrot cake that she is famed for. "F**k off b**ch I'm sugar free."

If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it, keep it out of your shopping basket, out of your shopping trolley, out of your house and out of your life! Think of sugar as a lover, who has treated you very badly, you no longer want or need them in your life.

I am not advocating this as a diet but as a lifestyle change, sugar is no longer part of my everyday life. 
We broke up and I am never going back to the destructive relationship we used to have, that’s over, 
and although it was tough at first like all break ups, I got over it!

For those of you who are looking at reducing their sugar intake for health as well as weight reasons, limiting my sugar has given me a belly flatter than I have seen in more years than I care to remember, in fact it has been so long I have forgotten what is was like to have a flat stomach. I thought it was a problem area of mine, but I was wrong, after limiting sugar, I have found it is no problem at all, all I know is I look down now and I can see my toes clearly and I have a waist that mysteriously goes in, giving me some curves.

The other day I also found hip bones, A friend of mine recently panicked when she found hers thinking there was something wrong with her, I done the same thing I was wondering what these funny things at the side of my hips were, until I remembered that they were suppose to be there, I just had not seen them in years. "Hello hip bones, my name is Kat Francois, great to meet you again, its been a long time, how you been?"

Jokes aside, sugar is very addictive, slim or big, healthy or unhealthy we can all benefit from cutting     
down our consumption and encouraging those we love to do the same.

Below is some sugary crack reading 

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Disclaimer: none of the images are mine, they have all been sourced from the Internet.


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