Sunday, 12 October 2014



1. No longer feeling my belly or bum jiggling as I run. 

2. Being able to know I can walk into a shop and fit into the clothes on 
    display. Clothes shopping no longer ends in tears of frustration!
3. Feeling more confident and satisfied with my body, emotionally and  
    physically. That overly critical voice that has plagued me for years has finally 
    been silenced. "STFU"
4. I cook from scratch more, experiment and have a more varied diet. Eat 
    things that previously I would have turned my nose up to, eg spinach, 
    beetroot, kale!

5. No more emotional eating. I used to eat sweet stuff all the time. If I was      
    sad, happy or anything inbetween!I no longer need sugar to make my life 
    sweet. I am no longer a slave to sugar.

6. Being in control of my food that what goes into my mouth. No longer having 
    that horrible out of control feeling, that you get when your eating goes to 

7. Knowing I have the strength and tenacity to make positive changes in my 
    life. Knowing a bad moment does not have to turn into a bad day or week or 
    month and that if it all goes wrong I can turn it around and get back on 
8. Being fitter, healthier knowing I am treating my body well, has taken my 
    stress levels down immensely. I am doing what is in my power to take care 
    of myself, and that feels good. No one is guaranteed good health, but it 
    feels good to know I am doing all I can to try and be healthy.

9. Feeling I have finally laid some demons do rest and can concentrate on other 
    things in my life that need fixing. One less thing to worry about.

10. The benefits to my relationship with myself has been wonderful, but so 
      have the benefits to the relationship with my partner. He no longer has to 
      hear my moaning and groaning about being unhappy with my body. We 
      gym it together, go for walks together, both working towards a healthier 
      lifestyle. It makes all the difference having a supportive partner. If you 
      don't have a partner get friends. family, work mates on board,your Gran 
      even your dog if need be! Support is imperative to achieving your goals.

11. I know, I know I said ten but I just had  to include this.
     The intimacy between my partner and me has become even better. 
     Feeling sexier, wanting to keep the lights on during "You Know What." 
     Dressing up in sexy underwear. 
     Wanting to get fruity more often because I just feel better about 
     That has impacted on my self confidence and esteem. 
     Yes I run around the bedroom naked, take control more, fling him down 
     more, what can I say my sex life is also healthier. 
     One of the best unexpected benefits.

12. I know, I know  I said ten,  but starting off the Facebook Group, FiT 

      FabulouS AnD FiercE back in August which Is now over 200 hundred 
      members strong. The group has inspired motivated, kept me on the straight 
      the narrow and at times sane.  I have made new friends and connected with 
      old friends, I have also learnt a hell of a lot as well as passing on 
      knowledge. I look forward to seeing how the group grows.  Want to join us? 
      Just click on this link   

      So that's it for now 12 benefits of a slimmer. healthier and fitter life. I am 
     looking forward to what benefits a second year brings.

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