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Fit Fabulous and Fierce is a Facebook group I kicked off back in August, it started off as a way of keeping myself accountable, sharing information, keeping myself motivated and on the way motivating others. 

The group has grown strong over the months and is proving to be a real positive influence in my health and fitness journey. Everyday more people are joining and helping each other to change their lives through exercise and healthy eating.

We are just about to have our first Event THE FIT FABULOUS AND FIRECE FOOD AND FITNESS FESTIVAL, which will take place on Sunday 22nd February in London. One of the people attending will be a young personal trainer by the name of Mib who He will be demonstrating popular exercises and how to execute them correctly such as the plank.

To find out more about the event click on this link  https://www.facebook.com/events/1582346242002644/


Here are the answers to some questions I put to him.

KAT:  Why are you interested in fitness?

MIB:  To me fitness is one of the most fundamental
          things for quality of life. It's so multifaceted and
          dynamic and fun that you can't help but be
          interested in it! 

KAT:  What is your weekly fitness routine?

MIB   My routine is park workout at least 2 to 3 times a
          week, working mainly on arms & chest on the
          bars but also core and cardio (jogging, running,

KAT   What do you want to achieve by being a personal

MIB    I want to share my life long passion for health and      
          fitness with other people and show that it's a lot
          easier to stay fit than most people think. 

KAT:   What was the best aspect of completing the
           Personal trainer course.

MIB   The best thing about the Personal Training course,
          apart from the fact it was FREE, was that the
          teacher knew what he was doing and inspired me
          by practicing what he preached. That's the kind of
          approach I respect. 

KAT   Have you always been athletic?

MIB    I've always been athletic; I did Hadri Taekwondo
          for 8 years and Army Cadets for 3 and a half years,
          and I also tried Mashufaa a few years back.

KAT:   You like training outdoors, why is that?
MIB     I do outdoors workouts because it gives more
           opportunity to add my creativity into my
           workouts and experiment with new moves that
           might be impractical to try in a crowded gym. 

KAT    What kind of clients would benefit from your

MIB      I am willing to work with any demographic age,
             ability or gender, being young I have the
             enthusiasm and stamina to deal with all
             different types of clients.

KAT       What makes you a good personal trainer?

MIB         What makes me a good personal trainer is I
               keep myself fit so I practice what I preach. I
               listen to people and will agree with them goals     
               fitness plans that can be adapted as and when
               necessary, I know how to work in different
               environments and can adjust my plan  
               accordingly and I really enjoy working with

KAT       What are your food weaknesses?

MIB        Food weakness? None, I am perfect! Joking. I
               probably need to eat more high-quality protein
               and fats.

KAT:      Do you ever take time off clean eating and

MIB       Time off for me is basically my days between

KAT      How would you go about motivating someone
              who is having trouble sticking to an exercise of
              fitness routine?

MIB      I'd ask them what motivates them best. For
             example, if it's photos/ videos/ inspirational
             words of fit people I'd send it to them via phone
             or email or however the client prefers.
             If it's motivation in the session they lack, I'd give
             encouraging words and praises for their efforts
             (unless they're the type who perform better with
             the trainer screaming in their earholes!). 

KAT     Your quite well built, how long has it taken you to
             build up your body?

MIB     This body took years. I did Taekwondo when I
           was 8 and Army Cadets when I was 14 so I was
           active from young. However, for someone who's
           not used to exercise, results come quicker (within
           weeks-months) and more noticeably than
           someone who's done it for ages!

KAT   How do you think children can be encourage to be
          more active and healthy?

MIB   There's 2 levels of responsibility to keep children
          fit: the parents to encourage them into school
         sports clubs/ parks/ extracurricular clubs, and the
         government to provide such facilities for them and
         give up-to-date info through commercials, leaflets,

KAT   Anything else you would like people to know
          about you?

MIB   Anything else? They can come ask me on the

KAT  Thank you for doing this interview and I look
         forward to seeing you on the 22nd Feb at the Fit
         Fabulous and Fierce Food and Fitness Festival.

Want to join the FIT FABULOUS AND FIERCE Facebook group, click the link below.


There you go,hope you enjoyed the interview.


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