Monday, 20 July 2015


It's 20 months since I started living a healthier lifestyle after a visit to a homeopath sent me on a healthier path and I revamped my nutrition.

First of all I done it for health then it turned into something bigger. My health is ok I have not cured all my issues but that has not dampened my enthusiasm. My school of thought is that I might as well take care of myself as much as I can regardless of health. Plus I have found a new resolve and determination that I am both quite surprised at and proud of. 

Next week Monday I start a personal training/fitness course I do not know where this will lead all I know is I want to learn more, develop more and help more people with the right information. 🏃🏾 

My body has changed especially since really cutting back on sugar. I have a become stronger and fitter and much more confident in my body. 

No one knows where they may end up when they take their first steps towards a healthier life but I have found that it does not matter, it is the journey that counts the lessons learnt the motivation and resolve found, the self love expressed. 

I no longer weigh myself it even measure myself. This is no longer important to me, how I feel is the most important thing and as long as I feel fit and healthy I know I am on the right path. 

I still have so much to learn. I want to be stronger. I want to be able to knock out press ups and sit ups, complete a 5 minute forward plank, push heavier weights. and do burpees effortlessly at the moment I look more like a messed up frog when I try I personally  would prefer to look like an elite athlete.

I want to push my body as much as it will allow me and see what it is capable of doing. Yes I can't lie I am after the toned ab's look. It is not everyone's goal but it is a look I have always found beautiful and it is a great thing to be on the road to obtaining them. I am a lot closer to the body I want than I have ever been and it is a good place to be.

I want to really clean up my diet,  cook healthier foods and be more adventurous with what I eat. I am notorious of eating the same thing again and again, although that does not bother me I know it's not good to have a limited diet! I want to cook more from stretch, ease up a little and not be so rigid x 

I am an all or nothing person I am either eating sugar like its my best friend or ignoring sugar like its my worst enemy.  I need to learn balance! 

I have a lot to learn and I am ready which is why I am taking this summer off to take a 7 week fitness and personal training course.   I am nervous it's been a while since I studied anything but I am ready it's now or never. The timing is perfect. 

I  am excited at embarking on my new venture. I feel I can really get behind FFF (my fitness Facebook group, which has been running for year ) and offer good advice  if I have the correct information.

I am also doing it for me so I can continue to learn and grow and develop into a healthier person and take care of my health.

I would also love to inspire some of my family members to take hold of their health and make some positive changes and the best way for me to do that is to lead by example.

I never thought I would get to this point, fitter, healthier stronger, it took for me to become sick to really start changing the way I ate and taking my health and fitness serious. It has not been an easy lesson to learn, but I have no regrets. I am finally on the right path and I am not getting off.

Kat Francois

(Founder of Fit Fabulous and Fierce)

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