Thursday, 7 May 2009


I ran again yesterday, taught in a school in South London. left the house at 7:07., living in West London I was paranoid I would arrive late, ended up getting there an hour early. I was teaching contraception to year 10 and 9 for an hour each but I had a big break between the two classes. I bought my running gear with me, and ran around Peckham Rye for 36 minutes. The Rye is beautiful, with a large pond, and beautiful gardens I never knew it was so nice. Tired afterwards still had an hour left until I taught again so I had a snooze in the car. I know crazy, but it was nice to fit a run into something I was already doing. That is what I need to do to ensure running stays a part of my life, try and meld it into my everyday activities.

My legs still feel a little heavy, but nothing to write home about, I may do weights and the bike tomorrow depending on how my legs feel.

Wednesday my 20 year old cousin called me half way through a run, to say she was running, she sounded out of breathe but very excited, that she was running said she had been so inspired by me doing the marathon  she feels compelled to run. That is what I like to hear, made me feel very lazy as I was actually half asleep on the sofa after coming back from work! I know, I am still a bit tired taking naps in the afternoon, you would never now that I had run 26.2 miles less than two weeks ago!


  1. Great blogging Kat, I've read the whole lot, loved the marathon story! I'm so jealous you got the orange segments :o) Charlie xx (Sparkles2008 - ww)

  2. I cannot lie those orange segments felt like a three course meal, they were just what I needed, may the Lord bless those people who handed them out!