Saturday, 2 May 2009




The start was fast people flying past, like they were running a 10k race, tried hard to keep my head, did not want to start too fast and burn out towards the end, managed to keep a decent pace, did not feel great at the start but I think that was more due to being overwhelmed than anything else. The crowds were amazing from the beginning, having my name on my running vest meant people called out my name, at times I felt as if I was famous, people were so enthusiastic that I did not wear my ipod until much later on, spent a lot of time just grinning like a fool I was so happy to have got to the race, safe, healthy and uninjured and was determined to soak up everything that was going on.

Mile 7 disaster - a woman ran across the front of me, eager to greet some friends she suddenly spotted, one minute I was running, next I had slammed into the ground, Landed on my hands and knees, dropped all my water, soaking myself, got a bit emotional but was helped up, by a lovely couple who dusted down my tutu, ensured I was okay and I was on my way again. Whoever you were thank you my running angels.

Mile 9 saw Rob, being tall he was easy to spot, which was great, gave me a bit more courage and strength, was still feeling good, but it was hard work, my pace was steady and body was holding up.

MILE 10-20

Mile 10 had my first toilet break, I cannot bear to use porta loos, they scare the life out of me, but a nice woman who had a shop let me pop in and relieve myself, which was great. Left my water and lucozade behind, but luckily water stations came along often, so I was not without water for long.

The sun did not seem to be having a massive effect on me probably due to training in the Caribbean but also I had learnt out there to sip fluids, little but plenty, so I tried to have a bottle of lucozade or water in my hand at all times. By now I had taken two gels which are shots of carbs, which hopefully would give me strength to finish the course. The one thing I was dreading was hitting the so called wall, when you feel as if you cannot go on anymore, I had had it happen a few years back in a half marathon and you lose the will to live let alone run.

People were handing out chocolates, jelly babies, slices of oranges and with a cast iron stomach due to the immodine, I took them all, and munched my way around the course.

I saw Rocky, a few bananas, was passed by at least 3 rhinos, men in sequined skirts, two guy’s dressed up in bay watch outfits, one as Pamela Anderson. A very realistic donkey. Kids at the roadside were high 5ing, calling my name out, I had so many positive comments about the tutu; I will be running in it again.

Mile 16 I panicked a bit looking for Rob and my friend Simone, so clocked a ten minute mile, as I thought I had missed them, luckily I had not and seeing them at mile 18 was a God send, stopped for a quick hug, a pep talk and I was off again.

Mile 20 Simone, caught up with me on her bike and rode with me for a bit, lost sight of her, but she said she followed me for a while and was impressed with my strength and stamina. I am no longer the slow, heavy plodder I was when I stepped out onto those West London streets 8 months prior, I am finally a runner.........

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