Friday, 15 May 2009


ONE: Running has been great for toning me up, I have dropped 19 inches since October. My bum is as hard as a rock and my thigh's feel as if they are made of steel.

TWO: Great way to manage weight especially if you like to eat as I do, although it is not good to yam and yam just cause your running, it does mean you can indulge once in a while as you know you will burn it off. Word of warning it is easy to gain weight whilst running as many people over estimate the amount of calories they are burning and eat way to much. 

THREE: Great way to keep fit as it burns more calories than almost any other exercise.  

FOUR: It’s free, okay not a lot of fun running in the cold, but you get used to it and in these hard times, who can afford to have a gym pass they don’t use? And when the weather is good it's great. 

FIVE: All you need is a decent pair of trainers and you’re on your way. 

SIX: It can slip easily into your life; even the busiest person can find a little time to run. 

SEVEN: It has lifted my breasts up, even though they were pert before they now stand even taller and prouder due to the developed pectoral muscle underneath.

EIGHT: Running gives me a chance to clear my head, and have a little me time. 

NINE: It has given me an athletic body, which is strong and healthier than it has been in years.

TEN: Great for your sex life, as you feel stronger and healthier and in turn become more confident, flexibility increases if you stretch after each run, (enough said).

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