Monday, 4 May 2009


Well I have been struck down with a cold since Friday, and that has to be the longest bout I have had in years,usually I am down and out for a day and that is it, but this time I had to conceed that it was a little bit more than my normal cold.
Well I went out for a two miler and it was lovely to streach my legs, even if it was raining,in fact the rain felt quite refreshing.

My body held up well, a nice slow pace made me feel comfortable,hard to believe just over a week ago I ran a marathon. Plan this week is to run a 3 miler and 4 miler then a 6 miler over the weekend to ease myself back in. I am desperate not to lose any fitness gained. I have been itching to run since last Wednesday to be honest.

I ordered my pink tutu today off ebay an pink version of the orange one I wore for the London marathon,I shall be wearing it for the Race For Life on the 31st May, makes running so much more fun and enjoyable. I'm not saying I shall wear it for every race, but if and when appropriate I shall don my tutu and run with pride.

I have decided to use this blog not just to chart my journey but to pass things I have learnt so far and to give encouragment to others who may be struggling with weight and fitness, which can be two different things. Running has been great for me both physically and emotionally and if anything I have learnt can me of use to anyone else I am happy to share.

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