Sunday, 15 August 2010


Today I am having a rest day, I knocked out 5 runs this week clocking up 28 miles, now I would've loved to push it to over 30 miles, now I know to some of you spooper dooper runners, that really is not much,  but I thought I'd better hold it down, and give the achilles a chance to relax and rest although I won't lie I feel kinda itchy to get out there and hit the road again! 

It's amazing how addictive running can be, once my achilles really starts to heal, I would like to take my weekly mileage up to 40 miles a week, which would be awesome.

Yesterdays run was a little crazy, the other half followed me in the car to get some pictures, the weather was iffy, but since English weather is always iffy, I just went for it, well I wasn't out for very long and the skies just opened and as we like to say over here it was raining, cats and dogs. I always feel hard core whilst running in the rain, whilst mere normal human beings are hiding in doorways, bus shelters or under umbrellas, I'm eating up the pavement.

No barefoot running today in the rain, but tomorrow, if the weather is good I plan to run 6 miles 3 of which will be without shoes, if the weather is bad, I will still run but in my trainers for the whole way. The funny thing is I have two pairs of Vibram 5 fingers, but I find running with nothing on my feet a lot more liberating, just like me to waste money, but I think they will come in their own over the winter months, when not even a nutter like me wold consider running bare foot, on the cold ground or in snow!

Anyway the rain was relentless, and the path I ran was not my most favourite, but we chose that way as it would be easier to take pictures, there is a long hill, not steep but long and never ending, but I kept my head down and tried to keep going, the left leg felt heavy after a while and even the right one started to cramp up a bit, I think it's starting to protest at having to carry the left one, but with the acupuncture going so well, and my leg slowly but surely healing I have faith that my injury will continue to get better and my body will become balanced once more.

I managed to knock out 4 miles in 42 minutes 36 seconds, so very pleased, considering it was raining, and I'm still carrying an injury, I can feel myself becoming stronger, it's been worth fighting through this injury and continuing to run even when it hurt to do so, I feel as if I am now reaping the benefits.

The rain was refreshing and  worth doing, almost home and I'm still smiling!


Here I am all done and dusted, ready to relax and take it easy, thanks to the other half for coming out, during the mad weather and taking pictures, much appreciated.

Happy Running.


  1. I love running in the rain :)
    Great photos too and nice job on your weekly miles!!

  2. 28 miles is awesome! Keep it up and before long you will get that 40 miles, easy peasy!

  3. How cool to have pictures taken during your whole look great!

    Awesome pace too :)

  4. Good job on running in the rain! I'm glad to have found another UK blog, I've nominated you for an award on my blog. I'm looking forward to reading more :-)

  5. Hey Angie, thanks for the comment, I will pass on the compliment for the photos to the other half,he's got the photography bug at the moment, which is great for me.

    TMB, yes I was very pleased with 28 miles, and looking forward to getting closed to the 40 miles mark,sounds daunting, but I'm sure with good planning and organisation it can happen.

    Anne, yes the other half is a God send, all the pics on my blog are due to him.

    Hey Laura, nice to have a comment from a fellow Brit bloggers, thanks for the award, had a look at your blog and I'm a follower now, loving what I'm reading so far.

    Thanks again everyone for taking the time to stop by and comment.

  6. I enjoyed this blog , especially with the pictures! Enjoy your runs!

  7. Hi Pamela thanks for your comments,I'm very much enjoying reading your motivational tips, so keep the coming sis.