Friday, 13 August 2010


Ran 5 miles today, took 3 miles for my mind and body to wake up, it was hot out there today, but looked windy from inside so made a mistake and wore long leggings and a long sleeved top, wrong move cause I was hot, hot, hot. Luckily the sun went in after a while, it got a bit breezy and the long sleeves came in handy.

3 miles in my left ankle started to hurt, got fed up whipped off my shoes and kept running, well what can I say that was the best bit of the run, my ankle stopped hurting immediately and the fun of running bare foot, the freedom, and the intense concentration it takes to ensure I do not stub a toe, step on a stone,  or trying to find the smooth parts of the pavement, made a massive difference to my physical and emotional state of mind, and the run completely turned around, and I was smiling and laughing, and running down the road, like a crazy woman and Lord it felt great. I need to do this more often, it's a hell of a lot of fun, and makes running a lot more interesting and stimulating.

Acupuncture session later on with the physio, my body is starting to react now, the first session I really did not feel anything, but three sessions in and my body is starting to wake up, I was twitching all over the place, which the physio says is a good thing. I'm sure she was beginning to think I was a freak, wondering how the hell she could be poking me with all those needles and I wasn't feeling anything at all! Well she put a needle in the back of my left knee today and my left toe twitched, there were two also in my hands and two either side of my left achilles, and for the first time I had a tingling all over my leg, it's like my leg was saying"Hi, hello, I'm awake now." Well I heard it loud and clear.

Been given the go-ahead to run the half marathon next week, as long as I keep up the exercises that she has given me, and keep icing, I feel blessed that I have an injury that I can actually run with, although at times it slows me down and my leg hurts, I can still run and I'm grateful for that. Half marathon here I come, yaaah.

I have about 6 months or more of daily exercises to ensure my achilles is completely healed, and although it sounds very  tiresome, sense I'm planning to keep running for a lifetime, if it means I can one day in the future run pain and injury free, keep working towards the body I want and do more barefoot running, I'll do whatever it takes.




  1. I totally get the enjoyment of barefoot running...I'm actually enjoying my new minimalist shoes :)

    Glad the acupuncture seems to be doing something...hopefully it speeds up the healing.

  2. Thanks for the comment,yes barefoot running is such a great sensation and for me it seems to be a positive thing both mentally and physically especially having struggled with this achilles injury for so long. Yes the accupunture strangely enough seems to be having a difference,and the best thing is the injury is not getting any worse, but slowly getting better!