Monday, 17 October 2011


Here I am almost back at the beginning I guess trying to tackle the food demons, come to the conclusion I can run as many half marathons,marathons and anything else in between as I want but if I don't tackle my food issues I ain't never going to change, so I am making some very positive changes at the moment, and if they work I will pass on what I've learnt. I have also taken up weights, I decided to work with my natural body type which muscular, athletic rather than try be small, I will never be petite not even on my death bed, I just ain't built that way, I liken it to trying to fit as square shape into a round hole! So why not be fit and healthy and slim instead. This way may take longer but here's hoping that it's a life long change for mind and body!

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  1. Welcome back Kat! Good luck with the've got this :)